Sophia Bronze Part C inspiration


The artist who inspires me is Jacqueline Morreau. She inspires me because of the way that she thinks and the way that she tells a story in her paintings, which represents a certain thing and it doesn’t give it away so nothing is right and nothing is wrong the paintings could mean anything you want it to.

I did my research by going to the library and looking through a book called ‘Pandora’s Box’. I had heard of it before but had never looked into it properly. I started flicking through the page and stumbled upon pictures that I liked and decided to do this.


I like the painting ‘Pandora as Atlas’ because it tests your beliefs on science and history. In the painting you see Pandora with the earth on her back, she is holding the world of troubles on her shoulders. But the Earth is cracked and bleeding and full of sores instead of her, Pandora still has to carry it on her back like an ugly growth.


It makes you wonder if the cracks symbolise the bad things that are happening including the natural disasters and if the bleeding represents global warming which is happening because the seas are overflowing. Also the fact that Pandora has not hurt herself in any way may represent humans in the world and how we are not affected by what is going on. I really like how creative the painting is and it makes me wonder if that is actually true and that is how the world can be in Pandora’s eyes.


I also like the painting ‘she who spins’ because it is creative and unusual. There are three sisters and a mother spinner. The three sisters are; the one who spins, the one who weaves and the one who cuts the thread of life. The Mother spinner is also the spider, who weaves the thread of life from her body.


The Mother spinner symbolises both life and death, this is because she makes the web the she weaves beautiful for some people and dangerous for others, she symbolises eternity as well. So she who brings life also brings the promise of death.



Me Researching in CSM Library


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