Joseph’s art review

In August, we went to visit the Digital Revolution exhibition at the barbican. The exhibition showcased artwork in the form of digital media. For example, the laser exhibition by the Umbrellium Assemblance. The show was in three parts; the main exhibition, the laser exhibition and the indie game space. We went through the main exhibition first which started off with old digital media. Video games, computers and pieces of technology from the 80’s and further back. As we made our way through, the technology improved and it became more recent and contemporary. It was interesting seeing and playing with the old technology because it allowed us to journey into the past and experience what once was. It was surprising how people would look at the technology then and think it looked amazing. Our generation is used to more advanced technology so looking and interacting with technology from the past gave us insight on what technology was available and what it looked like. In 30 years time people will look at the technology we have now and think the same things we are thinking now that the technology in the past is old.

After that, we went to the laser exhibition which had lasers aimed down at the floor around us. They had sensors which allowed us to control the movement of the lasers.

Finally, the indie game space contained lots of contemporary video games developed by independent developers. We could play the games and experience it first hand.

The exhibition was different to other exhibitions I’ve been to. Firstly, it showed off digital media and art rather than sculptures and paintings. Rather than just looking at the exhibition, we were able to interact with it and have fun. This allowed us to get involved with the exhibition and enhance the experience. It was also cool that we could enjoy the media with friends and family in the indie game space. You could compete with anyone or work with them in the games that were available to play. The exhibition gave the audience a lot to do.





DSCF3021 DSCF2606 IMG_3586 IMG_3588 IMG_3593 DSCF2623 DSCF2620 DSCF2619 DSCF2611 DSCF2069 DSCF2066 DSCF0245

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