Being the audience

BA-Fashion-Degree-Show-2 I went the CSM’s degree show and viewed a variety of different work from different courses such as BA Fashion, Product design, character animation and many more. I found that the most interesting part of the exhibition was the fashion and textile courses because the vibrant colour’s, clothes designs and types of fabric were very appealing to me as i am into fashion and i like the unique touch people had put into their work. I also liked the way there work was displayed as the clothing hung from the celling and students sketch book were placed around for people to view.  

Particular Designer

I loved Vingi (Wan Chi) Wong’s work because her work stood out to me as it is very vibrant and colourful.I wouldn’t personally wear the dress however i would wear the colour’s printed on a t-shirt because i wouldn’t stand out to much!


 Vingi Wong describes her own inspirations and her thought processes :

“My initial inspiration is about illusion and how the lines and forms are performed within the human body to create a sense of deception. I also inspired by the traditional eastern european costume and i specifically fascinated by the ethnic elements and the boning- constructions of the costume. I found a synthetic tubular material as a substitution of the lines and forms to express the human body silhouette. The shape of the marble arch and the use of colour in the arabic architecture and art also is great element that inspired my collection.”

Her design for her dress was based on the human body which was interesting and something I wouldn’t have thought of from just looking at it.

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