Work from casting workshop, after visiting the John Soanes Museum


Outcome of research in to Architecture #1


Visual research in to architectural styles





Working on an a illustrated timeline of UK architecture


Finished timeline


Timeline detail

During the 6 weeks of working with Jamie George, I have studied and compared the different styles of architecture around us

while also visiting the home of the Neo- classical architect John Soane to establish the foundation of our base.

We then used different materials to cast our chosen object which followed the theme of memory.

Furthermore, we experimented with different materials by combining it with calligraphy, architecture and photography.

During the end of course, we concluded our understanding by creating an illustrated timeline of UK architecture.

Summer school- Instillation:

Looking at the work and style of different artist as a means to influence us:

IMG_0850   IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831

Working alongside a university graduate:


IMG_0878 IMG_0862 

I then added different colours of paint to change the dull colour of the fabric (below) to convert it to an abstract work of art since it will be the first thing that the audience will see as entering the space:IMG_0869IMG_1201


MA Applied imagination degree show:

Before we actually set up our own exhibition, we set out to visit the exhibition in Central St Martins to acquire inspiration-

What I like about this exhibition is how the art students create a question that becomes a pathway for a journey that is fully documented in a diary. They then try to answer that question through research that they then present in the real world through a series of artefacts that are organized in an artistic way. The work that caught my eye the most was the one where the artist uses light to create shadows from hanging objects where the exhibition space became the wardrobe. At first, I was confused about the meaning behind the work but, then I realized that the student tried to bring shadow into the real world by presenting black fabric alongside it. His theme was to look into clothes and accessories. I would describe it as a 3D collage that combines fabric, paper and light.