Keva Oscar


I liked the first sign’s font because it was plain and the colours went well with each other and it stood out to me because everything else was a lot more complicated.

I liked the second sign’s font because it was quite out there whereas everything close to it was quite simple so it appealed more to me.




This one was one of my favourites because it is simple yet eye catching. It related well with the theme of the whole festival, which was festival for the world and since it is in French meaning I like you so. Also with red letters and white lights it signifies that the emotion is full of passion from the red colour but has innocence to it so it is not too overpowering.


I disliked this one because it is difficult to read and the multicoloured lights on the letter clashes with the rest of the lights on sign.

Boy on Can Stilts


This is a drawing that I did of a boy using can stilts from a book in house of illustrations.


This is a font that I found around Kings Cross. I found this interesting because it was eye catching and related to the venue it was in which was the streets which has business people going by daily so it relates to both groups.(teens to adults)



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