Arts Inspiration

I have chosen Hannah Hoch because she has inspired me with her collages. I likehow they are very simplistic but look effective. Seeing this from her works has helped me to produce collages that take less time to make, however still look striking.


Hannah Hoch was a German artist who was part of the Dada movement. Dada was a movement that began in 1916. It started as a reaction to WW1 in Zurich. The Dadaists were against any form of group leadership, so they produced works that rebelled against this and helped give political support for the war. Hoch produces beautiful collages by using materials such as newspaper clippings, magazines and photographs. Her work challenges racism and sexism in Weimar Germany.


I researched further into Hochs work by reading books about her. I found out that most of her collages were based on the concept of the new woman. Ruth Hemus mentions that… “Collage was a deliberate attempt to free the artist from depicting a coherent subject or scene.” Hoch did this by juxtaposing different fragments together. This makes her work open to a variety of readings.



Das Schone Madchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1919-20, is one of my favourite collages by Hoch. I like the vintage feel it has to it. When you read the title you expect to see a conventional image of a beautiful young girl, the image contradicts these expectations. Hoch leaves the main figure without a face, so the viewer can no longer see her facial features. This forces the viewer to try and make connections with the objects that surround the ‘portrait.’ I like how ambiguous some of her collages are because they get the viewer to think more about her work. I like how she has made her collage look surreal. She has placed a body below the hair, and has replaced her head with an image of a lightbulb.


Me Researching in CSM Library



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