Keva Bronze Part C inspiration

I have chosen Terhas Iyassu as the artist that inspires me and whom I admire because of one of her paintings called ‘fighter’. This painting is a representation of how Eritrea took a pledge with the big powers (Britain, France, U.S.A and in this case Italy) so Eritrea can be protected, to stop all the sufferings happening around that time. I chose Terhas Iyassu because there is a link between our works. The link is that we both want our work to represent an issue happening in the world and can be used as a guide of help or some kind of resource to learn from.


The painting shows two people, one which is suffering and another, which had a book like object in their hand whilst running away. At the bottom it has the phrase ‘I’ll honour your pledge’. In my opinion this artwork is a representation of the event in Eritrea, which occurred in the early 19th century to about midway of the 20th century. I think the person who is suffering is representing how Eritrea used to be, the other person with book like object in their hand is Eritrea in the present and they have the pledge they made in their hands. With the pledge they can run from all the sufferings that have happened and by keeping their pledge they will make the country a better place then it was before.



Me Researching in CSM Library



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