Delilah Sykes

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These photos are from an exhibition called Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration.

What I liked about the exhibition were the vibrant colours used in the paintings for example in the backgrounds of the a – z illustrations.

I learnt about how typography is incorporated in illustration- what job it has when it isn’t the subject of a piece of art. Most of the time I thought it helped create a happy, friendly affect on- for example- the front cover of Ladybird books. This was achieved mainly by the rounded but bold lettering.

Something I didn’t like about the exhibition was the fact that there wasn’t much information about the artist behind the illustrations. Also it would’ve been interesting to see sketches of the work- how the pieces developed. This would’ve made it better because I was interested in the artist’s artistic process.

I would recommend the Ladybird by Design exhibition because the detail in the artwork is fascinating. Also, because a lot of the illustrations are about growing up/people’s jobs, it’s interesting to see how things have developed in the last 50+ years.

One thought on “Delilah Sykes

  1. I agree with Delilah when she described how the lettering created a friendly aura, as rounded lettering does usually seem to have almost a warm personality to the eye. I also agree with the fact that it would have been nice to see how the art developed with the sketches, as we would have had a clearer understanding of how these drawings were made.

    I think that Delilah is right by saying that there wasn’t any information about the artists as I was interested to learn about how they did this beautiful piece of art work in a short time. When I was drawing sketches, I was wondering how these artists finished their work in a short amount of time they had as I couldn’t even get to finish some of my sketches.

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