Kate Lepper

Kate 2011

I’m a New Zealand artist currently based in London. I have a background in constructing remedial and educational resources, as well as gallery education, technical assistance and operations management. Since 2010 I have been a visiting lecturer at the Slade Summer School, London, the University for the Creative Arts, Surrey, since 2011, and since 2009, at the Quay School of the Arts, New Zealand. My installations, objects, paintings and performances are playful, tactile and sensual. Using ‘ready-made’ colour, my work draws on a popular, hedonistic, eco-sensibility, connecting a physical experience with the desire to keep things alive, change the world and minimise harm. I get great satisfaction from teaching young people. It is the opportunity to pass on the encouragement and guidance that I received at a young age, with a view to helping young people begin to develop their own confidence, aspirations and sensibilities, artistic or otherwise. http://www.katelepper.com/