Bronze Part C: Inspiration

For my arts inspiration, I had initially chosen to do a study on theExtraqt and Aynoe. These are two budding artists who rely heavily on Photoshop to make wallpapers and custom icons for the highly popular game: League of Legends. I chose them as my heart inspiration as I felt that I could relate to their way of designing and was impressed by the skill they possessed.



However I soon decided against it as I thought it would be better to learn more about their inspiration. Thus, I  chose Justin Maller as my source of inspiration. I tried to find some books with something relating to Justin during my research, however I soon found that his artwork was only used in inspiration books and for some awards. Justin Maller doesn’t seem to have authored or assisted in any academic material although, he is quite a frequent user of Twitter and has a Shiba Inu if that’s any help.

Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, NY and is also theExtraqt’s favorite artist. He has been a full time freelance artist for the last eight years and has been creating digital art for over fifteen. However, unlike both Aynoe and theExtraqt he is not just confined to a specific game or a limited amount of subject. Justin creates a wide variety of work, from making abstract animal wallpapers to compositing over and enhancing real life photography and even vectoring. Some examples of his work are:



I am particularly found of the Pharaoh image


It reminds me of the projection of the giant Egyptian themed head of whose eyes followed anyone who would make eye contact with it at the Barbican’s digital exhibition. The two share many similarities such as the texture and themes.

IMG_3593I find Justin’s work quite inspiring as it has shown me a variety of things that I can achieve with digital art. My drawing skill is nothing to boast about so I prefer using programs such as Photoshop for editing and thus I also find his work achievable since we use similar programs to create our art. The standard of his work is simply impeccable and I cannot help but be amazed by his work.

I got most of the information about Justin from his website (straight from the source) and you can learn more about him over on his website as well.



Me Researching in CSM Library


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