Joseph’s art activity

For my arts activity I was working with animation. I missed the first animation workshop then attended the second one and the summer school.

Richard Whitby led the animation workshop I attended and taught me how to use premier pro editing software and we built the animation at three parts. Sound, drawing and background.

The background video was made in the previous workshop and I used it in my animation. It was a pan of the fountains outside Central St Martins made by Amber and Adam. They used a wheelie chair and put a camera on it then pushed it slowly across the create a pan effect. I chose to use it as the background as it was outside the area we were working and I like the water fountains.







These pictures, show us working on our animations. I worked on the sound and image.

Richard Whitby was there and he overlooked everything making sure we knew what we were doing and assisting us whenever we needed help. He taught us to use the layers. With the layers, we layered the sound, animation and background so that they were all running at the same time, bringing together all the layers to drive the narrative and makes it interesting. I used Adobe Premiere to create the animation. With the layers and tools on the program, I created the animation. First, I recorded the myself drawing with the tablet. Then I downloaded some music called babymetal which I used to listen to and I overlaid it with the sound effects I got from a short video on YouTube. It made the animation seem more lively. I put the animation of me drawing and the music together to using the layer tools and made the animation see through with the tools available. Then I got the background that was recorded by Amber and Adam and put it on the program. As the animation I made was already see through, it was easy to put the background on using the layering tool. Next time when I create an animation like this I plan to use my own background and sound effects so that it’s more personal and my own work. I could’ve made my own background but because I missed the first workshop I didn’t have enough time. By the end of the day, I learnt how to use Adobe Premiere and construct a basic animation.



IMG_2711 IMG_2708 IMG_2704 IMG_2712


My Video animation!!


<p><a href=”″>Sequence 01</a> from <a href=”″>Cubitt Young Artists</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


 Summer School 

Here, we were storyboarding for our summer art school project which was also animation. We had about 2 weeks to make the animation which started off with planning and small activities. I made my own animation by myself but with the help of some of my friends and guidance of the teachers.

In week one, we started with the drawing workshop. In the drawing workshop, we did a range of activities and storyboarding, leading up to the final animation. We began drawing with our weaker hands and drawing without taking the pencil off the paper as a exercise then moved on to creating long pieces of artwork with each other. We also did narrative drawing to help us when we make our animation.

In week two, Richard Whitby was there again and he helped us put together our animations and record some of the video we were using. We used Premiere again and I was able to apply the skills I had learnt in the previous workshop to make a better animation. Because of my previous experience, it was easier to make the animation. I was able to get started right away without wasting any time. I drew out a lot of the animation but some parts were recorded. I also used my own sound effects, such as my own voice and videos. To improve, I could make a longer animation as my one is quite short. However, in the short time I had, I think the work I produced is sufficient. Over the course of the summer school, I improved my skills in animation and the video production process. You can see I’ve improved through the quality of the work I produced in the summer school compared to the work I did in the last workshop.



IMG_3613 IMG_3608 IMG_0003 IMG_3614 IMG_3618 2  IMG_3573 IMG_3576

Cubitt Summer school showreel, mine starts at 3:55


<p><a href=”″>CYA summer school 2014 short</a> from <a href=”″>Cubitt Young Artists</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



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